General Rules of Road America

We want everyone who comes to Road America to enjoy their experience. Here are few general rules and guidelines to follow to help make everyone’s experience pleasant.

RULES AND POLICIES - For a complete printable list click here.


Tickets are offered at reduced prices in advance of each event and must be purchased before the posted deadline. Gate ticket prices are effective after the advance deadline date and are available during the event. Children age 16 and under are admitted free but require adult supervision & photo ID. Road America is not responsible for lost or damaged tickets. There are no refunds or exchanging of tickets.

STRICTLY PROHIBITED: Road America strictly prohibits the following: 

  • Access to “hot areas” of the track or pits without the proper credentials and required clothing
  • Use of illegal drugs and abuse of prescription drugs
  • Firearms or weapons
  • Fireworks (including firecrackers) or any type of explosive or disruptive device
  • Loud or disorderly conduct, use of profanity, obnoxious disturbances or nuisances
  • Extensive or professional sound systems
  • Walking or biking on race track
  • Drones or other remote control flying devices - Road America is a NO DRONE ZONE see aerial photography policy            

Possession of drugs and/or other contraband will result in immediate removal from the property and further prosecution by local law enforcement. 

PADDOCK ACCESS: Road America and most of its race sanctioning organizations provide spectators a unique opportunity to experience race teams preparing for competition. In return for this paddock access, spectators are asked to:

  • Be aware of traffic patterns within the paddock, race vehicles move to and from the pits and track
  • Understand that teams and drivers are preoccupied with race preparation and may not always be available to fans
  • Be alert to the possibility that pit vehicles carrying fuel, rescue vehicles en route to the MedicalCenter, or tow trucks conveying race cars through the paddock, among other situations, will require the right of way and your cooperation as they complete their missions
  • Due to safety and security considerations, NASCAR does not allow spectators in the Garage for their events without additional credentials. Please call for more information. 

Spectator vehicles, including motorcycles and bicycles, are not permitted in the paddock and should be parked in any of the nearby lots. Pets are also not allowed in the paddock. 

VEHICLE SEARCHES:  Road America staff and security officers reserve the right to search all property and vehicles entering Road America facility. 

PIT REGULATIONS: Are established by the sanctioning bodies in the interest of safety and must be observed by both spectators and participating teams. 

General rules:           

  • Everyone entering the pit must show pit security the appropriate wristband or other credential each time the pit is entered
  • Open-toed shoes (e.g., sandals), halter tops or other sleeveless shirts, and skirts are not permitted
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption are forbidden
  • Some sanctioning bodies require long pants (no shorts) when racing fuel is stored in the pits
  • Altering pit access through established fences and gates is expressly prohibited and can result in immediate disqualification of the offending team in addition to fines levied by the sanctioning body 

PERSONAL PROPERTY AND RIGHTS: Road America assumes no responsibility for damage, theft, and loss of personal property. Please respect the rights of others. 

TRANSPORTATION/VEHICLE POLICIES: All vehicles must be street-licensed, have valid license plates and the driver must possess a valid driver’s license to operate the vehicle on Road America’s property. Vehicles driven after dark must have headlights. Please drive carefully—observe a 5 MPH speed limit at all times. 

  • Road America does NOT allow unlicensed ATV’s, scooters, private golf cars, etc. on the property. If brought to the facility, they will be taken to an impound area and returned to the owner at the end of the weekend. A ZERO TOLERANCE RULE will be in effect for the use of these vehicles and no warnings will be given.
  • Pit vehicles used by members of teams entered in competition must have the appropriate sticker—either for the event or the season.
  • Coaster wagons and strollers are allowed on the property.
  • Use of rollerblades, roller skates and skateboards or Razor scooters are not allowed on Road America property.
  • There is no public transportation to the track; however, several taxi companies from nearby communities, including Sheboygan, Plymouth and Elkhart Lake service the track. 

Road America staff and security officers reserve the right to search all property and vehicles entering Road America facility. 

PARKING: Free general parking outside of the paddock is available on any open grass areas that are not designated for camping, vendors, hospitality, etc. Service roads are provided throughout the grounds so that spectators may move to other areas and view the racing from various locations. Preferred parking, located near the paddock tunnel, is available during major public events for $25 for the weekend. 

SEATING: Road America does not have reserved seating. There are grandstands, as well as benches built on the hillsides, that are available on a first-come, first serve basis throughout the property. However; Road America may mark specific areas reserved for sponsors, hospitality, or sanction groups. You are welcome to bring a chair or blanket and watch the racing at any of the fan-friendly vantage points along the four-mile course.

Any E-Z Up’s or frames that are left on property over night will be taken down by Road America staff.   

TAILGATING: Road America provides a picnic setting for traditional tailgating. Bring your own grill and tailgate, but be aware that large party tents are only allowed by pre-arrangement. DO NOT throw hot coals on the ground.  This can cause fires and destroy the grass. Please completely extinguish coals or ashes before placing them in containers clearly marked for that purpose. These might only be found in camping areas so be prepared to take them with you if those containers are not available. Vehicles pulling a trailer are not allowed on Road America property, call administrative office for an alternative parking area. In setting up your tailgate party, please don’t block the sightlines of other spectators, don’t drive stakes or poles into any asphalt surfaces, and don’t tamper with electrical outlets; Unless you have camping privileges, you’ve have to be off the grounds within a half-hour after each day’s final checkered flag.

Any E-Z Up’s or frames that are left on property over night will be taken down by Road America staff.   

COOKING FIRES: Open fires are prohibited, but your grill or other above-ground barbecue devices are okay as long as it is not left unattended. High winds and/or dry conditions can force a temporary ban on all fires, as determined by Road America security.


  • Don’t use gasoline to light fires
  • Burning of trash is prohibited
  • Fires must be completely extinguished before discarding coals or ashes in containers clearly marked for that purpose 

Road America staff, security officers and safety personnel reserve the right to instruct spectators to extinguish any fires too large or that threaten spectators. 

PICNIC TABLES: Are for everyone’s use—please do not move the tables. 

PETS: Pets are the responsibility of the owner. Please be courteous and clean up after your pet. Pets must be kept under the control of a leash or kept in your vehicle with adequate ventilation and water. Pets are not permitted in the paddock areas during spectator events. Management reserves the right to restrict disruptive or exotic pets. If your pet disrupts or causes harm to another individual, it will be grounds for removal of you and your pet from the facility without a refund.

SCENERY: There are more than 20 different species of wildlife located on Road America property. The State of Wisconsin has fines for those who destroy wild flowers, trees, or harm wildlife. Enjoy what is around you—take only what you brought in. 

RESTROOMS: There are several permanent restrooms on the property as well as portable bathrooms throughout the facility. 

CONCESSIONS: There are 12 concession stands located throughout the property serving a wide variety of food and beverages during major public events. 

GIFT SHOP: The Paddock Shop is located in the competition paddock. Hours vary during public events. The Paddock Shop sells cameras, t-shirts, ice, etc. 

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY POLICY: Aerial photography, or the taking of photographs or video by individials from an elevated position in which the camera is not supported by a ground-based structure, such as remote controlled fixed-wing or multi-rotor Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) drones, balloons, blimps and dirigibles, rockets, kites, parachutes, stand-alone telescoping and vehicle mounted poles, either triggered remotely or automatically is strictly prohibited at Road America. Violators in possession and/or operation at any time will be subject to confiscation of their unmanned aircraft, immediate removal from the property, and further prosecution by Law Enforcement.

SECURITY / EMERGENCY INFORMATION: In an emergency, call 920-892-2663. Our security force is in direct contact with on-site medical personnel and county emergency services. There is 24-hour security available at Road America. Call 920-892-2663 for assistance.