Supermoto Demo

Supermoto Demo


Price: $100 per person

Participants interested in enrolling in this course need to have successfully completed a basic motorcycle course (BRC), a Dirt Bike School (DBS) or hold a valid motorcycle endorsement.

The Supermoto Demo Course (SMD) involves orientation designed around motorcycles that have been converted for use on both pavement and dirt. These bikes have road-race quality brakes, wheels and tires, but sufficient ground clearance and suspension to allow off-road adventure. This course is ideal for riders who wish to expand the surfaces they operate on or are considering the purchase of a supermoto bike. Our professional instructors will blend classroom discussion with practical demonstrations to educate participants as to the techniques, postures and expectations of Supermoto riding and prepares an uninitiated rider for the exciting SuperMoto Basic course (SMB) that is also offered here at Road America.

Riders can provide their own supermoto adequately fueled to last through the day. Bikes are subject to a safety inspection by one of our qualified instructors. Those wishing to use a school supplied motorcycle can do so for no additional fee.

Proper safety gear is mandatory for all range sessions and includes the following:

Over the ankle Riding Boots

Leather Suit or Motocross Gear with exoskeleton or Textile riding jacket and pants

Full-fingered Gloves

DOT-approved Helmet with Eye Protection.

Helmets, boots, suits and gloves are available for rent for an additional fee and with advanced notice.

Courses run rain or shine, so please bring rain gear in the event of inclement weather. Course size is limited and reserved on a first come, first served basis. Please review our School Policies before registering for any classes.

Please review our School Policies before registering for any classes.

There are no courses currently on the schedule. Please check back later