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Zip line

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Road America is now offering an above ground, no experience necessary, high adrenaline rush. Race a friend or family member on our incredible 1200-foot twin zip line at speeds up to 50mph for the thrill of your life! Anybody who is in good health, and fits within the weight requirements (typically 70-275lbs) can experience the fast paced, high intensity adventure of zip line traversing on one of the Midwest's tallest and fastest zip lines. All you need is the courage to step off the platform.

For those looking to visit Road America at their leisure and experience the excitement that zip line offers we have created the perfect opportunity. On select dates the zip line is open to the general public through our online zip ticketing program. Simply select the date and time that works for you and show up at the track 30 minutes before your scheduled departure. The price for the zip ticket is $40 per person and includes two zip line rides and admission to the facility (which typically includes on track activities). Those individuals wishing just to come to watch friends and families conquer the zip line will be required to purchase a tower pass. The tower pass is $10 and allows for access into the property and onto the landing platform for wonderful photo opportunities.

All parties entering the facility must have purchased a zip ticket or tower pass (Kids 16 and under admitted free with paying parent or guardian, additional cost applies for tower access or zip ticket)

Both zip tickets and tower passes have limited availability and are only sold online and in advance.


I'm under 18 do I need a parent with me?

No a parent does not need to be present providing you bring a completed minor waiver with you for your experience. This form needs to be printed on a full size (8.5x11) piece of paper with original signatures. You will be required to present the waiver upon entering the facility and once again at the landing platform to begin your zip experience. Sorry, no minors will be allowed to access the facility without a signed waiver. Click HERE for the minor waiver.

I'm an adult, do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, you will be required to sign a waiver upon entering the facility and another zip line specific waiver at the landing platform before your zip experience. Click HERE for a sample adult waiver.

Is the zip line open on public race weekends?

During public events the zip line will open for walk up purchases at the landing platform to those already possessing a general admission ticket. Zip line tickets will also be available online and can be purchased when buying event admission tickets. The pricing during these public events is $20 per zip per person or $30 for 2 consecutive zips

How much time should I plan for Zip lining?

Your wait time will depend on many factors but it is usualy no more than 25 minutes from the time you check-in until the time you step off. Like many attractions, it is recommended to come early to get the shortest wait times. We promise to do our best to keep wait times at a minimum, but please be patient with us while we provide a tremendous experience to those whom are ahead of you.

What should I wear?

It is recommended that you wear clothing that is comfortable for the weather. Keep in mind that we operate in light rain, wind, and heat, so dress appropriately. Gym shoes are ideal for zip lining footwear. Any accessories that could potentially be dropped while zip lining are strictly prohibited. Long hair should be tied back. Please do not wear anything you do not want to lose, such as jewelry. The zip line is not responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced personal property.

Do we operate in the rain?

Yes, but not thunder and lightning. Since most storms in the summer pass quickly, We encourage you to plan on joining us even if the forecast is not stellar. If a storm arrives, we will wait it out and get you going as soon as it is safe. WEATHER POLICY- We will not run our zip lines when it is unsafe during storms when high winds, thunder, and lighting are present. In rare severe cases when we encounter a complete rain out during your visit, you can retain your ticket for use on another day for when the weather is better.
It is important to remember that foul weather in your area does not necessarily mean foul weather for us. In some cases, zip lining will be postponed to allow for the weather system to pass. Once the inclement weather passes, we then will resume zip lining. Many magical tours have occurred during or right after a summer storm has passed through. So, as not to deprive you of a great experience, we are likely to wait and see.

Is Zip lining safe? What if I am afraid of heights?

A fear of heights is a very normal human experience. We welcome the fearful and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy the adventure of zip lining! Your safety is our highest priority. All of our equipment is inspected and tested regularly to ensure it exceeds minimum safety specifications. Our staff is professionally trained and certified in all aspects of safety, procedures, and proper equipment use. They will be happy to answer any of your questions and make sure you feel comfortable and safe from start to finish.

Who can Zip?

Our zip lines are designed to accommodate the majority of those who want to participate. Participants should weigh between 70-275lbs, 6 years or older, free from major medical conditions. If you are pregnant you can't zip. Riders under 18 years of age are welcome but must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign a waiver(or have pre-signed waiver) and be able to fit properly into the harness. Riders must be able to climb the stairs of our six level take off platform. You will not be permitted to participate if you are under the influence of alcohol or other impairing substances to protect the safety of all involved. The zip line operators reserve the right to refuse participation to any person who may compromise the health and safety of our clients or our staff.

Can I bring a still or video camera?

Yes! However, you must have a wrist strap to to secure the device to your person at all times. Just be sure to let us know when you check-in that you’ll be bringing a camera along, we’re happy to help you properly secure it.

Do I have to have any skills or experience to Zip line?

No! Our trained staff will give you a short speech on safety and proper posture while in the harness. The zip line provides a hands free zip lining experience. Your harness will attach you to the line and our braking mechanism will slow you down to a comfortable speed before the landing tower. We have installed the highest quality braking systems which will ensure your arrival at the landing tower is safe and smooth.

What kind of equipment will I wear?

We provide all of the necessary equipment you’ll need to enjoy your zip line experience to the fullest! One of our trained staff members will fit you with a full body harness that adjusts at the legs, waist, shoulders, and chest. Attached to your harness will be a strap with a trolley and a triple locking carabiner which serves as your connection to the line. You will also be provided with an adjustable helmet. The equipment is similar to rock climbing gear, but is specifically designed to meet the needs of zip lining.

What if I have a group?

Look no further as zip lining is perfect for corporate, family, social, club, school, and even bachelor and bachelorette parties. Groups of 20 or more can book their own private adventures by calling the Road America offices at 1-800-365-7223 or by emailing